Kid Fun & Little Family Rituals

nature journaling

Welcome! Below you can find project ideas to do with children, all revolving around the themes of nature, food, ritual and/or ceremony.  Most are done with an urban homesteading spirit and all are intended to inspire a love and appreciation for our planet, its creatures and precious resources.

At this time I homeschool my children, and I find the surest way to peak their interest in something I’m wanting to teach them is to take an interest in it myself and move forward as though I don’t care if they join me or not (though secretly I am delighted when they choose to join!).  Whether it’s soap making, kombucha or making a wormery, more often than not, any yardsteading project I undertake is an open invitation to my children to have a rich multi-sensory experience that is often appealing to both me and them.  So please don’t limit family project ideas to this page only.  Consider checking out the yardsteading projects page as well!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to offer feedback for any of these!

Kid Fun: “Vermiculture” Composting Wormery Bins

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Kid Fun: Make a Tiny Wormery (and Maybe Save the World🌎)

Kid Fun: The Nature Wheel Jar

Kid Fun: Self-Watering Container Garden (Found within Springtime on the Urban Yardstead)

Little Rituals: Naming Family Values

Little Rituals: An Easier Advent Calendar