Little Rituals

berries 2018

“Even the simplest of rituals is a way of acknowledging the unseen, the unspoken-about, the holy, which feeds our lives with its inexhaustible generosity.  Ritual restores us to one another and to that grander coherence to which we all belong.  Devoting your time to a ritual is like tending to a living bridge between the seen and unseen, keeping that reciprocity alive.”
~ Toko-pa Turner, Belonging: Remembering ourselves Home

I am convinced that ritual is one of the key ingredients to a life well-lived, or at the very least, a great way for a busy person to pause and actually notice when he or she is in the midst of a life well-lived.

And I am even more convinced that ritual is most likely to happen consistently when it is simple, easy, imperfect, and quick.

This winter I’ll be sharing several little rituals I incorporate regularly into my life.  I encourage you to try one, and see if it’s something that adds meaning or space for reflection and integration of all the seemingly ordinary yet rich facets of your own every day life!

Little Rituals: Make Something

Little Rituals: Pay Attention

Little Rituals: Sit Outside

Little Rituals: Light a Fire

Little Rituals: Feed the Birds

Little Rituals: Self Care with Soup

Little Rituals: Honey Lemon Cayenne Tea

Little Rituals: Naming Family Values

Little Rituals: An Easier Advent Calendar