Elderflower Mocktail (5 minutes)

Elderflower Mockatails. Photo by Katie Hanus

Tonight I experimented with a summer mocktail that ended up being a winner! This recipe used several ingredients from my yarden, including my own infused elderflower honey, elderberry syrup, and fresh mint from my garden rows. Here’s how you make it. Gather the following ingredients below.


Plain sparkling water

Frozen blueberries

Lime slices

Crushed mint leaves + garnish

Elderberry syrup

Elderflower honey


I crushed 2-3 mint leaves and put them at the bottom of the glass. Then I added around 1/4 cup of frozen blueberries, a thin slice of lime, squeezed half a lime per glass, added a lot of ice (because Texas is really hot this time of year!) and then filled the glass with sparkling water about 3/4 of the way full. Then I made a simple syrup from the elderflower honey by warming a little water (not too hot) and mixing well. I eyeballed just enough to sweeten each glass, added a teaspoon of elderberry syrup per glass, which also gave it a lovely color, and then garnished each with a sprig of mint.

Elderberry and Elderflower have so many unique and beneficial properties to be celebrated. Elderberry is widely appreciated for its immune supportive qualities, and elderflowers have many beneficial characteristics, including being an anti-inflammatory, relaxing diaphoretic, as well as an expectorant and antioxidant. (1) And it doesn’t hurt that they are also both beautiful, delicious and super easy to cultivate.

I’m always so impressed by how fast this plant grows and establishes itself. One small start results in a tree-sized bush within a year, bursting with fragrant delicate flowers and dark purple berries to nourish your family and friends the following winter. Within two to three years you’ll have your own little invasive grove.

Enjoy and let me know if you try this recipe!

(1) Tilgner, Dr. Sharol Marie. Herbal Medicine From the Heart of the Earth. Third Edition p. 94

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Elderflower. Photo by Katie Hanus

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