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Little Rituals: An Easier Advent Calendar

Holiday traditions offer an annual dose of memories and magic, but they also often create a frenetic pace and endless to do’s for every household and caregiver. As someone who very much enjoys and wants to do all of the traditions, AND who also values and wants to make space for sanity, rest and peace, […]

Little Family Rituals: Create a book for reflections and dreams

The holidays are a fantastic time to create ritual that invites us to pause and reflect on the year behind us and consider what we want most for our days ahead.  Not only does taking time to do this allow a way to integrate lessons learned both collectively and individually, it also provides a place to share these things when we might otherwise keep them stored inside.  What’s more, looking back on the ways a family has grown, or the ways dreams were realized (or turned into something completely different) after many years is the way this simple and quick ritual can turn into something priceless that can be enjoyed perhaps even by generations who will follow.