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Pest Control on the Yardstead

If you’ve lived in Central Texas for any length of time and are fortunate enough to have access to nature here, you are probably well aware that we have some gorgeous scenery, plant life and animals surrounding us every springtime. My friends in the northern states and Canada often express envy when I post pictures of […]

Yardsteading Fun: Canning Loquats

Amongst other yard treasures, we were fortunate to inherit a beautiful loquat tree at the home we moved into a little over a year ago.  I have seen loquats growing around Texas throughout my life, but for whatever reason, I was never inspired to try the fruit.  Living along the Blanco River in the Texas Hill […]

Cooking with Fire

In Michael Pollan’s recent book and Netflix documentary Cooked, we are invited to reflect upon and celebrate the influence of cooking on humanity.  I first stumbled onto the series last fall, and was delighted to see how Pollan incorporated all of the areas I care most about studying these days: tradition, ceremony, community, nature, ancestors, food. […]

Flu Season Thyme!

Texas seems to be having one of those particularly widespread flu seasons that strikes every few years.  My daughter and husband both succumbed to it in January, as did several extended family members. Fortunately all are on the mend, and I am now eagerly watching the calendar days tick closer toward spring! I was grateful to […]

DIY Citrus Vinegar Cleaning Solution

A family member sent me an easy recipe earlier this month for a homemade scented vinegar cleaning solution.  I had success with it, so I wanted to share it with you! In an effort to reduce chemical exposures in our home, we’ve almost exclusively cleaned with diluted vinegar since having children ten years ago.  It works well […]

Kid Fun: The Nature Wheel Jar

  Over the holidays, like many families, my kids had fun using an advent calendar filled with little notes to help them countdown to Christmas.  Ours had prompts that gave them an assignment to do each day. These would vary from things like helping around the house to performing a random act of kindness. Our original […]

Kombucha: Fermented Tea

“Like the earth itself, the various arts of fermentation rely on biology to transform organic matter from one state to a more interesting and nutritious other state.” ~ Michael Pollan, Cooked   Last year, one of my 2016 New Year’s resolutions was to learn how to make Kombucha tea at home.  My daughter and I […]


My yard has become my sanctuary.  I moved into my current home in 2015, and it has taken some time to get to know it, including its array of edibles. For me, being able to gather edibles from my own yard, or as I like to call it, “yardsteading”, is ridiculously gratifying.  There is something special about using your own fingers to pluck the fruit, nut, vegetable or herb from the branch or dirt, and then to create the time and space to turn it into something you can enjoy or give to others.